Tournaments Rules

Game and Time:
1.30 minutes. (10 x 3) The time continues without stopping. The breaks between periods are
2 minutes.
2. 3 matches are played at the same time.
3. For each competition, there will be 1 referee in the field, 2 referees for score and penalty.
4. Every 1 minute, the player plays the signal and all players (except the keeper) who are on
the field must change.
5. With the change signal all the players on the field become passive players and can not
intervene in the puck.
A. If the current player scored after the change signal, it is considered invalid.
B. After the change signal, if the current players deliberately intervene, the team(s)
intervening will receive 1 penalty.
6. The game does not stop as the players get a penalty, The opponent team uses shoot-out
against 2 penalties taken as a team.
7. There are no icing or offside rules in tournament.
8. If the goalkeeper pokes his freeze, the referee does not make a starting shot. The
goalkeeper pucks to the back of the castle to allow the game to continue.
9. Going out of the puck field area, cancellation of goals, serious injury, etc. The referee
immediately resumes the game from where the game was held.
10. The face-off after the goal are made immediately in the middle of the field.
11. International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) rules apply to all situations (materials,
penalties, etc.) other than the rules (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10)
12. The team that does not attend the competition without giving an excuse to the
Organizing Committee is entrusted to the tournament.
13. The team that can not participate in the match due to various reasons is deemed to have
lost the match 5-0.

Ice Rink:
14. For each competition, 1/3 of the ice rink separated by parentheses is used.
Number of Players:
15. Competitions are played with 1 goalkeeper and 3 players. The teams must compete with
a minimum of 6 players and 1 goalkeeper (total 7) with a maximum of 12 players.
16. There can be a maximum of 2 coaches and 1 manager who are accredited during the
competition on the team bench.
17. Teams must inform the organizing committee of the team list of the players' jersey
numbers and date of birth before the tournament.
18. It is forbidden to enter non-accredited persons into areas designated by the
organizational committee, such as playground, team seating, V.I.P.
19. The "Best Goalkeeper, Best Defenceman and Best Forward" determined by the
Organizing Committee will be awarded at the end of the tournament


20. Sportsmen born in 2008 can play for U-10 organization.
21. The ranking in the groups will be based on the following points.
Wins: 2 points
Draw: 1 Points
Lost: 0 points
22. In case of group-to- team point equality, the following rules are applied respectively:
1. The results of competitions in which equality teams play with each other,
2. General averaging advantage,
3. Draw by the Organizing Committee.
23. In case of equality in qualifying and final matches, the winning team is determined by
penalty shoot-outs. The team determines the winner of encountering the series of shots
after the penalty shootout.
24. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the amendment and is obliged to
notify all changes in writing to the participant.

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